How to help

Spread the word

With a few simple steps you can help spread the word (ordered by importance):

  1. Tell your friends to register for the newsletter and/or bring them with you to one of our events.
  2. Like the facebook page @incorak by clicking on the like button at the top of the page
  3. Like posts on @incorak by clicking the like button below the post
  4. Use the share button below posts on @incorak to share them, especially to facebook groups
  5. Like and add a comment to shared posts you see in any of your facebook groups by using the buttons below the posts in the groups
  6. Share pages from this website using the share button at the end of the page; in the share window that will pop up preferably select to share it in your facebook groups
  7. Reference @incorak or link to when posting photos from an event.

Make it easy for me

  • Subscribe to the newsletter (and confirm the subscription by clicking on the link in the confirmation mail.)
  • If you registered for an event and can’t come, please make sure to let me know (preferably by using the cancel button).
  • Use the decline button in invitation emails, if you are not interested in an event or can’t participate.

Share your knowledge

If you know about interesting places / events / people or have an idea for an event, please let me know. Any other feedback is welcome as well.