Bombay Darbar Restaurant

Bombay Darbar Restaurant

What shall I say? It simply is my favorite Indian restaurant in Ras al Khaimah (and I did test quite a few). While the interior might not be super fancy, the food is great.

The slogan on the menu says “The real taste of Bombay”. And that is what you get. My preferred way of dining at this place is what I would call the guest-mode: just let the waiter decide and serve, whatever he likes.

The prices on the menu are quite moderate, with dishes between 12 and 20 AED. So you will hardly be able to spend more than 70 AED per person – even if you eat as much as you can;)

Some limitations are to be mentioned: There are only a few desserts on the menu and they are by far not as good as the main dishes. (But as the cooks demonstrated when we had our meet&dine event there, they can make delicious deserts…) The restaurant does not serve alcohol; in fact the choice of beverages is quite limited. And you have to pay cash, as they won’t accept credit cards.

For reservations call 07 236 9977.