Al Jazeera Diving & Swimming Center

Al Jazeera Diving & Swimming Center

While the Al Hamra Marina is well known, the original port side is at Al Jazeera. Here, at the backside of Al Jazeera you will find Hamad Q. Alzaabi’s diving and swimming center.
With a team of eight instructors the diving center offers

  • diving courses
  • discover scuba and swimming in the open water near the marina
  • boat rentals for fun trips, diving and fishing (in shallow or deep waters)
  • swimming classes in the pool
  • diving equipment for sale or rent
  • four guest rooms (tidy, but rather basic)

You can also rent the pool or other parts of the diving center, if you want to organize a private party there.

The diving center is refreshingly authentic and a noticeable contrast to Al Hamra Village and its hotels. That includes, that you have to leave the paved road to reach the diving center. And while you should not expect to find some fancy luxury, the service is very personal and cordial.

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